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Life on Land

Gasthaus - Fleischerei KAIMBACHER
Life on Land
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This is my newest entry. I have quit ships in March 2008. I am now settling in on land and try to climb up the success ladder as fast as I can. I am not getting younger!?
So, here are some of the newest updates and some photos of me. 

1. SOUTHPORT (North West England)
    I moved to Southport in April 2008. I was part of the team to open a new,
   stylish, upscale, contemporary Hotel in Southport. I am in Senior Management
   and hope to move on in my carreer as soon as possible.  
   Unfortunately I left the Vincent Hotel in August 2009.
    I am back in Austria since August 2009. Currently trying to find out what to
    do next. So, I am looking for a job. Any suggestions/ideas?! Let me know.

    Have been working as a Consultant for Ibero Cruceros in Genoa & Madrid
    for a couple of months in     2009/2010.

    Also, did a summer season close to home. 
    Have been working as Asst. General Manager at Golf &
    Beach Hotel Sonne (Klopeinersee).

    Have had a knee surgery in October 2010.
    Stayed at my parents afterwards and over Xmas & NYE 2010.

    Have been working once more for a Spanish Cruise Line (Ibero Cruceros)
    Feb 2011 - October 2012
    Position held: International Cruise Line Consultant
    Working at the Head Office in Genoa, Italy. Also traveling between all 4 ships
    supporting the Administrative Department, implementing new software programs
    and training the staff on the new systems and procedures.
    Since March 2012 I live in Hesketh Bank, PR4 6TD, Lancashire, UK.
    I have worked for Costa & Ibero Cruises for most of the year in 2011 and 2012.
    My position is called 'International Cruise Line Consultant' working on special
    projects linked to the Corporate Human Recourses Department.
    I have started a new job in the UK. Since November 2012.
    I am a General Manager for a small Hotel in the North West of
    England. (Louvre Hotels)

ray in austria 2009.jpg

House & Mercedes
My home in Hesketh Bank

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